"Thank you for spearheading a seamless transition to distance learning for our children across divisions. You have turned a challenging time into an opportunity to learn and think differently." — Susan Barr, Parents' Association President

Socratic Seminars Continue Online

"My student-led Socratic seminars on The Odyssey in 9th grade English work really well over Zoom. I love the "breakout rooms" feature, so students can continue to discuss and collaborate in small groups.  Best of all, I can pop in and join the conversations. We can even peer-edit each other's daily reader responses by safely sharing screens. Every day I learn a new tool that makes distance learning work that much better!"—Liz Carroll9th grade English and History Teacher and Advisor

Spanish on Their Feet

"The first thing I did was to make my home space look similar to my classroom so the children would feel comfortable and familiar. Movement and music are essential to the way I teach Spanish to younger students. I created a video read-aloud of Buenas Noches, Mundo Animal (Goodnight Animal World) for the Beginners as a fun way to get the children moving and also to learn animal vocabulary in Spanish. Some of the student's symbols are even in this book!"  Catherine Mendoza '98, Early Childhood and Lower School Spanish Teacher


Overnight "Movie Stars" and Tech Experts

"Who would have thought you'd have to become tech experts and *movie stars* a month ago? Our family appreciates your hard work behind the scenes, the enthusiasm you bring to online learning, and the sense of community you are continuing to foster. All of that prep and care you put into transitioning your math class from an active in-person gig to an equally engaging online experience is paying off in spades."Parent Testimonial from Eila Johnson about Andy Johnson, Upper School Math Teacher. 

The Ancient Greeks are in the House!

"Our 4th grade study Ancient Greeks is going to look different this year. Our team is brainstorming fun ideas for this unit to come alive, which means togas for everyone! My teaching will never be the same because of what I have learned from my colleagues. This process has drawn the 4th grade team into even greater collaboration." —John Hastings, 4th Grade Teacher

Hands-on Science

"To be honest, I approached distance learning with a healthy dose of skepticism. How could I continue to deliver the experiential, hands-on science program I've worked so hard to develop? A combination of live Zoom lessons, pre-recorded tutorials, and student sharing via Flipgrid videos has made it possible. This format for sharing, with its visual and audio components has been a welcome divergence from more traditional written expression. As we continue this journey of distance learning, I'm sure I'll continue to learn right alongside my students." Sanj Maliakal, Upper School Science Teacher

Fridays are Party Time

"We have been having themed Friday zoom times. The children were inspired by the story, I Am Invited to a Party, by our class favorite author Mo Willems. In the story, the characters are hypothesizing about what kind of party they have been invited to: costume, pool or fancy. The children used those three options to vote for what kind of party we would have during our Friday zoom time and pool party received the most votes. We’ve also since had a fancy party and a costume party and are looking forward to what the children come up with next!"—Carin Walden, Beginners Teacher

Keeping it Creative

“Two elements of the classroom I always try to prioritize with my 8th graders are joy and creativity. During our study of China, students moved away from the glow of their computer screens when they created miniature six-page zines (short, self-published magazines) that illustrated elements of Chinese history and culture in a single folded piece of paper." Will McDonough, 8th Grade English and World History Teacher

Handwriting in a Virtual World

"Not having my doc cam on hand, I improvised by tethering my iPad to my laptop so my second graders could see proper handwriting during a writing lesson. It seemed like a technology pretzel at first, but then once we got started, that was forgotten and it became all about the intricacies of the handwritten word."—Abigail Newport '89, 2nd Grade Teacher

Singing from the Heart

It is our teachers who still bring inspiration, joy, challenge, and wonder to our students every day. They truly are amazing, caring for our students and our community. As a way to lift the spirits of the community, members of our Faculty & Staff Chorus sang our school song, Audentes Fortuna Juvat, virtually. And lift our spirits, they did!