MakerSpace Design Lab

Innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, STEAM and design thinking are alive and well at Country School. 

The Amicus Foundation MakerSpace Design Lab is located in the Upper School’s Stevens Building. The space, which serves students in grades 5–9, is designed to promote openness, shared experiences, collaboration and rapid development from ideas to physical creations. Our students design, experiment, build and invent as they engage deeply in science, mathematics, engineering and self-expression. Students have a wealth of resources at hand in the space including several 3D printers, microcontrollers, fabrication technology, video production, as well as an assortment of recycled materials to spark their imaginations. Using their laptops or iPads, students run a variety of programs and Apps, which allow for 3D design and object-based computer programming.

This year, the program was expanded to the Lower School beginning with Grade 1. First graders receive dedicated instructional time in the MakerSpace Design Lab, giving them the same opportunity as older students. Plans are underway to create MakerSpace Design opportunities throughout Lower School, as well. 

"Creativity, collaboration and risk-taking are at the heart of the MakerLab. We always design first, build, test and rebuild. It’s about precision and flexibility, design and function, and breaking down complex challenges into solvable parts." - Bruce Lemoine, Academic Technology Teacher

Key Skills Learned

Computer Programming:

1. Self-reliance and problem-solving through research
2. Logic including procedural thinking and boolean logic
3. Attention to detail
4. Procedural Memory


1. Understanding how systems work; systems thinking
2. Active learning; taking the initiative
3. Prototyping and persistance
4. Creative use of materials

3D Computer Modeling

1. Seeing from muliple perspectives
2. Re-seeing everyday objects from new perspectives
3. Procedural memory and predictive ideation

Tech/Maker News

Programs & Tools Used in the MakerLab

JaveScript Blocks
Fusion 360
Hummingbird Robotics
Finch Robots
Makey Makey
Bristlebots/Artbots and more …

Videos of Student Projects

    • Hummingbird Robotics - A Claw

    • The Dragon

    • The Mixing Bowl