Alumni Council

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council officially represents the NCCS Alumni body and serves as the formal link between alumni, the school and the Board of Trustees.  The New Canaan Country School Alumni Council is dedicated to engaging our alumni and strengthening our alumni community involvement with the school and each other through communications, events and fundraising.  The Alumni Council is also responsible for selecting and presenting the annual Alumni Award. 

The Alumni Council is represented by selected members of the New Canaan Country School alumni body. The council meets two times a year to stay up to date on school matters and to discuss ongoing efforts to maintain strong alumni connections to the school. Sub-committees within the Alumni Council also meet throughout the year to ensure that all alumni remain vital members of the community. One of the important duties of the Alumni Council is to select a recipient for the Alumni Award, which is presented annually to a graduate whose life has embodied the NCCS mission in an exemplary way.

If you are interested in participating in the Alumni Council, please reach out to Holly Donaldson Casella ’04 at

Alumni Council 2019-2020

Tucker Golden ’90 (President)
Sanny Burnham Warner ’88 (Vice President)

Caryn Antonini ’87
Matthew Bloom ’98
Nellie Coffy ’10
Richard Colligan ’01
Michael DiBiasio ’90
Taylor Gould ’06
Marshall Johnson ’04
Sarah Young Kilcullen 98
Taryn Jones Laeben ’95
Westy Charlson LeConey ’93
Caitlin Maguire ’04
Suzanne Gibbons Owen ’94
Elena Kavanagh Phillips ’91
Andres Soto ’10
Carl Brodnax ’76
Hugh Halsell ’59
Paula Kennedy Harrigan ’81
Carl Rohde ’66
Katharine O’Brien Rohn 78
Stephanie Bowling Zeigler ’81

Ex Officio 
Aaron C. Cooper, Head of School
Ryan Smith, Senior Director of Advancement
Holly Donaldson Casella ’04, Director of Alumni Affairs
Steven Bloom ’03, Former Alumni Council President