Ninth Grade Endowment

Ninth Grade Endowment Chairs
Cara Burnham Herdeg '86 and Fell Herdeg P '18, '20, '24

Ninth Grade Endowment Fund

Ninth Grade Endowment Fund
Established in 1996 by ninth grade families to honor and give thanks to all NCCS faculty for the guidance, support and friendship given to their children during their experience at the school.  Kathy, former President of the Board of Trustees, and Peter Sachs ’54 and P ’97,’99,’03, were instrumental in establishing this permanent endowed fund.
Endowment funds are like savings accounts that generate income from the investment of the principal. The earnings on endowed funds are used in perpetuity to support NCCS programs and goals. Because the principal of the fund is never spent, it can generate greater earnings over time. Annual giving income, by contrast, is spent the same year it is given and is used entirely in support of the operating budget of the school.
The income from the NGE Fund is used to support faculty enrichment programs that may vary from year to year, such as the sabbatical program, teacher conferences, workshops and graduate course work, all of which contribute to teaching excellence at Country School.
As of June 30, 2019, the NGE Fund totaled $6,413,762 providing $226,204 for faculty programs last year. Most years have achieved 100% parent participation; 97% of the parents of the Class of 2019 contributed to the NGE Fund.
NGE gifts may be eligible for a matching gift if your employer participates. To check if yours does, click here.

Class of 2020 NGE Fund FAQs (click on questions for answers)

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How will the NGE benefit teachers?

    The original purpose was defined broadly to allow for innovation and creative uses of fund proceeds. In any given year, proceeds may be directed toward any number of programs, such as:
    • Conferences and Workshops:  Each year, teachers participate in professional workshops and conferences—critical opportunities to hone skills and bring new ideas to the classroom.
    • Develop their Professional Potential:  The NGE provides partial reimbursement to faculty seeking advanced degrees.
    • Continue to Innovate:  The Fund allows teachers to collaborate throughout summer and year-round to develop new curriculum to further inspire and motivate students.
  • When we make our contribution to the Ninth Grade Endowment, do we need to make a notation on the payment that the contribution is for the NGE? What about the Annual Fund?

    When a family makes a gift and has a child in ninth grade as well as other grades, the gift is typically allocated to the Ninth Grade Endowment Fund and the family is not asked to make an additional gift to the Annual Fund. Families do receive credit in the classes of their other children. 
  • How much should we plan to give to the NGE Fund?  Is the contribution typically the same or slightly more than the Annual Fund?

    NGE gifts are typically larger than Annual Fund gifts, especially if the ninth-grader is the last child in the family to graduate, it’s considered a "parting, thank you gift," to Country School teachers.
  • The NGE directly benefits the teachers but is this the "only" purpose for endowment contributions?  Does a portion of the endowment go toward maintaining facilities and/or capital improvements? 

    The NGE supports only faculty, and proceeds may not be used for any other need at the school. There are other endowed funds that also support faculty or financial aid or program—the complete list is printed in the back of the Annual Report. The school's general endowment totals approximately $42.5 million and last year income used for operating support totaled $1.56 million.  
  • I understand that there is a separate capital campaign to fund the long-range campus master plan but do funds also come from the endowment to support these projects?

    Contributions to the Class of 2020 Ninth Grade Endowment Fund will count toward the faculty professional development endowment component of the capital campaign and may be paid over three to five years. We hope each member of our class will make a pledge prior to fiscal year-end, June 30, 2020. Gifts made prior to December 31, 2019 qualify for a 2019 charitable tax deduction.
    Periodically, the Board of Trustees identifies projects such as the long-range campus master plan that require large sums of money. Capital giving over the school’s 100 year history supported the construction of each building on campus.
    The capital campaign to fund aspects of the long-range master plan is currently in the early phase which means trustees and a small percentage of the members of the school community are being asked to make a gift at this time. Capital campaigns are typically conducted over a five year period. During that time, every member of the Country School community will be asked to participate. The campaign planning goal estimated at $25 million addresses the initial phase of the campus master plan ($20 million) and the endowment component ($5 million).
    Even when we are not in a capital campaign, we are always seeking funding for endowment as it provides meaningful support of our most valuable assets: students, faculty and staff.