Maple Sugaring, a Time-Honored Tradition at NCCS

Every winter, Country School students in Beginners through Grade 9 collect maple sap and boil it down to syrup in the school’s Sugar Shack. This year students helped collect a total of 300 gallons of sap from maple trees all over the school’s 75-acre campus.
Woodshop Teacher Chris Lawler has been teaching the sugaring process for the last 25 years. The unit combines science, history and math. Students learn about the early history of the school’s campus as a working farm and how the syrup production hasn’t changed much in the last 500 years. They learn about the physiology of trees, how to use the proper equipment and how to calculate density and temperature.
“What I love most is watching them learn from nature and actually learn how to make something from nature,” said Mr. Lawler.