Fourth Graders Experience Native American Life

Fourth graders learned about the lives of Native Americans at The Institute for American Indian Studies.

The students visited the museum in Washington, CT on Oct. 18 as part of their social studies unit on Connecticut’s history and people. The museum’s mission is “to preserve and educate through discovery and creativity the diverse traditions, vitality and knowledge of Native American cultures.” The field trip focused on the lives of Native American children, their games, chores and families. Students learned about the sacred tradition of storytelling and their docent, Darlene, captivated them with Native American stories. In addition, they saw many artifacts that were a part of daily life including tools, pelts, jewelry, corn-husk baskets and a time-keeper made with a turtle’s shell.
“The students loved this trip,” said fourth grade teacher Maria Sette. “They didn’t just learn about the lives of Native American children, they actually played the games themselves and were able to see and touch things essential to the lives of Connecticut’s native people.”