Tuition & Fees

2018-2019 New Canaan Country School Tuition

Tuition rates are established by the Board of Trustees in January for the following school year. These rates are included with the enrollment contract each family receives upon acceptance to Country School.

Beginners 3/4

$27,500   Beginners 4/5

$38,180   Kindergarten

$38,180   Grades 1-4 

$39,515   Grades 5-6

$40,675   Grades 7-9

Additional Charges

Lunch: $1,200

Available for Grades 1-9 only. Tuition includes a charge for milk for all children and snacks for younger children. Beginners who stay for the afternoon program and all Kindergartners bring their own lunch. 

Children ages 4 and above are eligible to ride the bus; the anticipated bus charge is $2,275 for those living outside of New Canaan; the charge for those living in New Canaan is less – estimated at $1,350, since the town is required to contribute toward the cost of transportation for all town residents. The policy of the school is to charge all families for our bus service if they live near the scheduled routes. Only those who live close enough to school to walk safely or who live beyond the borders of our bus system are exempt from this charge. Exceptions may be made for eligible Beginners and Kindergarten children whose parents may choose not to have their child use the bus. This mandatory-fee policy has been adopted by the Board so that Country School can be a regional school, not just local, school, with all parents sharing the expense for transportation and thereby holding the per-child cost to a minimum.
Charges for trips, skating, and various activities are billed throughout the year as the events occur.

Tuition Payment Options

Upon signing the enrollment contract, families are responsible for their portion of the school year’s expenses (less the amount of any financial aid grant). Information regarding payment plan options is available from the Admission Office.