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Parents' Association Diversity & Inclusion

The Parents' Association Diversity & Inclusion Committee strives to foster and build an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community at New Canaan Country School. It does so through the work of its committees: Four Resource Groups - Moms-at-Work, Parents of Students of Color, Global Citizens, the Allergy Resource Group -  and the Culture & Collaboration committee. These committees help connect members of Country School’s parent body around personally relevant topics. They also give parents a venue to explore and discuss diversity in all its forms in our community. Through our efforts, the Diversity & Inclusion committee works to promote the school's mission which states," …the school works in partnership with families to teach personal, social and environmental responsibility and to create a community that honors diversity and our common humanity."
"We are a diverse collection of human beings. We come from all walks of life, with distinct interests and talents and experiences that are unique to each of us.  We represent all ages, abilities and family structures, and a broad range of cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Each of us has a story to tell; something to contribute; a singular perspective.  And when you put us together, indeed the sum is greater than its parts. Together, we make up the unique whole that is Country School community." Read the full article, Tune into Diversity.

Lynne Byrne, Past Parents' Association President 


The Allergy Resource Group helps parents connect, share advice and garner information about allergy-related events, exchange experiences and ultimately find support. The group’s mission is to be a resource to individuals and families living with allergies.  

Global Citizens focuses on creating an engaged community of NCCS parents who have international interests and/or backgrounds. The group organizes events that will build connections for parents and their children to the broader global community.

The Moms at Work group helps connect working moms to the school, each other and the Country School community at large. The group comes together during the year to share their unique experiences, provide a forum for networking and support and to discuss ways to leverage their collective talents to support the school’s mission.

The Parents of Students of Color group provides a place of reflection, dialogue and support. The group meets several times each year to facilitate positive identity exploration and development that will help achieve the larger goal of creating an inclusive and thriving environment for the entire community.


PA Diversity

Jawanda Staber
PA Executive Council
VP, Community, Diversity & Inclusion