Planned Giving

The Welles Society: Giving for Tomorrow

The Welles Society honors those individuals who have made a bequest or lifetime gift to Country School.

Behind the recognition of Country School as a National Exemplary Blue Ribbon School stands the quiet but generous financial support of countless individuals. Our school could neither have achieved nor sustained its present leadership position without the steadfast commitment of its parents, graduates and friends.

As an integral part of their estate planning strategies, many donors have taken their support a step further by establishing a bequest, charitable trust or other estate plan to benefit Country School. This form of giving offers these donors significant tax and income benefits while ensuring a vibrant future for the school we know and love.

In 1996, the Board of Trustees established the Welles Society, named after the school’s first Headmaster, Henry H. Welles. The society recognizes those donors who, while wisely planning their own finances, also understand the importance of giving back to the school that set the foundation for their lives.

A focused review of your estate plan may illuminate compelling reasons to properly plan a gift to Country School. There are many different ways to support the school, several as part of an estate plan. Each way presents certain advantages, depending on personal circumstances.

For more information, please contact Terry M. Gumz, Director of Advancement at
(203) 801-5633 or

Welles Society Members

Dart Winship ’42
Anonymous ’46
Susan Haigh Carver ’51
Patsy Rogers ’52
Walter* P’53, ’64 and Tina* P’58, ’59, ’63 Mansfield
Robert Hubby ’54
Kathy and Peter ’54 Sachs P’97, ’99, ’03
Timothy Gilbert* ’56
Charles T. Lusk '56
Christopher Smith* '57
Dan Bergfeld ’58
Sandy Carr Motland ’58
Jane Pollock* P’63
George and Linda* Post P’63, ’65, ’66, ’68, ’81, GP’00, ’95
Steven Tower* ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mountcastle P’69, ’71, ’75, ’78
Sarah Mleczko Woolworth ’73
S. Brinton Luther ’76
Anonymous P’76
Joel S. Post ’81
Robert McKay '81
Lorna Kellogg ’83
Heidi and Douglas Riggs P’02
Nathan Riggs ’02
Heather Winters and Cary Holcomb P’10
Liz and Michael Zea P'19 

Current Faculty and Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lemoine P'08, 06, 05

Former Faculty and Staff
Jean C. Caldwell*
Anneliese and Berni Gastrich
Elizabeth R. Hulme
Marilyn B. Starr*
Albert “Ben” V. Bensen* P’63,’66, ’67, ’72
Pat and Hudson Stoddard P’71, ’72, ’75, GP’03, ’06
Ann Martin DiLeone P’72, ’74, ’78
Sue Speers and Guthrie Speers* P’72, ’73, ’75, ’77
David Crandall ’77, P’08, ’09
Sarah and Nicholas Thacher (former headmaster) P’85, ’88 

P’ parent of alumni class of
GP’ grandparent of alumni class of
’ alumni class of