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  • Eighth Grade Celebration

    At New Canaan Country School’s Celebration of Eighth Graders, Tuesday, June 15, Head of Upper School Karl Palmgren recognized the 62 members of the Class of 2022 as “independent, self-motivated, confident, good communicators, hard workers, resilient, empathetic, joyful and collaborative.” 
  • Class of 2021

    NCCS Holds Closing Exercises

    At New Canaan Country School’s Closing Exercises Wednesday, June 16, Head of School Aaron Cooper encouraged the 35 members of the Class of 2021 to draw upon the many strengths they developed during their tenure at the Pre-K through Grade 9 school. The graduates, their families, faculty and staff gathered on the front lawn of the school’s campus for the outdoor ceremony.
  • Class of 2021

    Horizons Celebrates the Success of the Class of 2021

    To honor and celebrate the 22 graduating seniors in the Horizons at New Canaan Country School Class of 2021, staff, academic coaches, and families attended an outdoor graduation and Alumni Association induction ceremony at Country School on Saturday, June 12. 

    Among the graduates were NCCS alumni Jennifer Llamas and Brian Villalta, each of whom were presented with an award. Brian Villalta, a 2021 graduate of Rye Country Day School and 2018 graduate of New Canaan Country School was presented the Leah Kimmet Spirit Award by Nehemie Moïse, Horizons Family and Program Director, and Family Council representative, Luisa Osorio.
  • Summer Reading

    As the school year ends, it’s time to think about summer reading. Across all the school’s divisions, teachers have given a great deal of thought to creating a meaningful, and fun, summer of reading for your children. Our summer reading program emphasizes choice, giving children the opportunity to read books that interest them and explore and discover new authors and ideas. Specific requirements vary from grade to grade so please take a look at the appropriate links on the Summer Reading Resource Board
  • Country School ROCKED!

    New Canaan Country School rocked on Saturday, June 5! Parents, faculty and staff came out to support the school’s “Country School Rocks” community celebration and fundraiser. Attendees were treated to a picnic-style gathering on the school’s campus with musical performances by three bands composed of faculty and parent performers along with other musicians. Click HERE for event photos.  Click HERE for video.
  • From Sea To Shining Sea: Second Graders Cover a Lot of Ground in "States Exposition"

    Second grade Social Studies students held a “States Exposition” in which they presented individual research projects and their knowledge of the five regions of the United States, including land and water forms, to parents and faculty assembled, by class, in the Welles Lower School Building, June 10. The multimedia event included video, poster board and recitations and was a culmination of their semester-long study of the United States.
  • Ninth Graders Honor Teachers in Yearbook Dedications

    New Canaan Country School ninth graders offered words of gratitude and touching reminiscences in their 2021 yearbook dedication to two teachers: Grade 9 Teacher, Coach and Advisor Tom Giggi and Physical Education Teacher and Coach Meegan Horn. The tributes were read aloud before the Upper School community, June 10. Mrs. Horn, who participated via Zoom, was home with her newborn child.
  • Rube Goldberg Contraptions: 8th Graders Learn the Science of (Over) Engineering Simple Tasks

    Eighth grade physical science students built Rube Goldberg machines following their study of forces and motion, Newton’s Laws, work, pressure and simple machines. 

    The students used only household items (and an enormous amount of creativity) to design and build convoluted contraptions that perform simple tasks.

    Click HERE for video.
  • Sixth Graders Role-Play Explorers, Navigate Trade Routes Game

    Working in small teams, New Canaan Country School sixth grade social studies students navigated their way around campus to points labelled Spain, England, Portugal, France, England and the Netherlands as participants of a “Trade Routes” game, June 6. The culminating experience follows their year-long study of major explorers who journeyed to expand Western ideals, following trade routes that originated during the Renaissance time-period.
  • How Does Your Garden Grow? In 3D, with Creative Adaptations

    Fifth grade Earth and physical science students and their parents participated in a STEM design challenge in which they were given an engineering problem to solve with limited materials, June 10. Working in small groups, they designed and then created 3D plant models each with a unique adaptation in reaction to a real world issue, such as limited rain, an abundance of sunlight or leaf eating predators.
  • Grade 4 Celebrates Ancient Greece with Performances, Essays and Art

    Fourth grade students performed oral recitals by class and participated in a grade-wide video production of a traditional Greek play for parents, June 1-3. These culminating activities were part of a year-end celebration following their multidisciplinary study of ancient Greece, early democracy, myths and "The Odyssey." Dressed in costume, students also shared their final written thesis projects, along with a gallery of handmade replicas of characters and sailing vessels found in the myths and text of "The Odyssey. " View video.
  • Upper School Cross-Country Team Raises Funds for Mental Health Awareness Month

    On May 25th the NCCS Upper School Cross Country team participated in the 2021 Run For It 5k, an event that coincided with Mental Health Awareness Month in raising money for To Write Love on Her Arms,  a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.
  • Apprentice Teacher Reflects on Identity

    by Olivia Mao, Fifth Grade Apprentice
    “Where are you from?”

    I’ve heard the question millions of times. It's the kind of question I've grown used to hearing and it took a while for me to realize that most people don’t want to hear that I am from Connecticut. 

    “No, where are you really from?” 

    It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized the truth behind the question of where I was from. Being an Asian American, I often struggled with understanding my identity and that I was different from others. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to understand that my identity as an Asian is an important facet of who I am and I hope to further share that heritage with my students.

  • Board President: Belonging is a Continuous Act of Community

    by Sarah Irwin; P'25, P'25

    When I’m asked what makes Country School special, I often point first to our deeply held value of community. 
    At the heart of the NCCS mission is a belief that children learn and grow best when they are rooted in an unshakeable sense of belonging. Country School students are fully seen and known, valued for all they are and can become, and surrounded by adults who inspire them to reach their highest potential.
  • Ninth Grader Leads Discussions in Upper School

    by Julia Cooper
    I have a vivid memory of when I learned about the Student Diversity Leadership Conference for the first time. I was in seventh grade and six ninth graders gave a presentation on the eight identifiers - religion, age, ethnicity, socio-economic-status, race, sexual orientation, ability, and gender. As much information as they shared in that presentation, I still had so many questions:
  • 6th Graders Present Persuasive Speeches

    For the last few months, 6th graders have been working hard to research, write, and rehearse argumentative and informational speeches. Each student selected a topic about which they are passionate, including topics related to their families, communities and the world.
  • 3rd Graders Personify Historical Figures at Wax Museum

    Third grade social studies students performed a "Wax Museum" for parents, faculty, staff and peers in the Lower School Commons, May 26. The live performance, featuring individual oral presentations, was a culmination of a yearlong cultural identity study of how different groups came to America and contributed to the fabric of our nation. Each student selected a person of significance to research and then crafted a speech highlighting that character's lifetime achievements. Many dressed as their character or carried props to help the audience identify them. For a photo gallery of the event.  
  • Eighth Graders Tackle Global Issues in Annual World Congress

    New Canaan Country School eighth graders presented at the school’s annual World Congress, a hallmark event of their year-long study of world cultures.
  • Spanish award recipients

    Country School Students Earn National Recognition on World Language Exams

    New Canaan Country School students in the Upper School division (grades 7-9) made a strong showing in the recent 2021 national World Languages exams. 
  • A Good Story, Well Told: Teaching The Art and Craft of Storytelling

    Country School eighth-grade students Lila Gizzie, Ifeanyi Ndokwu, Ambika Nott and Matt Rivera recently participated in the oral tradition of memorizing and reenacting a culturally significant story. The four were selected as the featured storytellers at a grade-wide assembly held in the school’s Athletics & Wellness Center and online, April 30.
  • Congressman Jim Himes joined 8th grade World Cultures students to discuss the U.S. response to Myanmar conflict

    Congressman Jim Himes joined New Canaan Country School 8th grade World Cultures students today during a Zoom in which the students spoke with a family living in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

    Congressman Himes provided an overview of how the U.S. government is responding to the unfolding political situation in the Southeast Asian country and the family (whose identities must remain confidential for their safety) detailed the ways in which daily life has changed and what it feels like to live in the middle of a military coup.
  • Grandparents Chien and Taina Chao at Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

    $2.5 Million Gift from the Jefferson Family will Support Diversity and Financial Accessibility

    New Canaan Country School parents Cathy and Brett Jefferson have made one of the largest gifts in NCCS history, recently pledging $2.5 million to support diversity and financial accessibility for students. 
    “Our vision is to identify and support outstanding students who do not have the economic means to attend NCCS and afford them the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. We hope that there will be many outstanding Chao Scholars that will benefit from our gift and we are also hopeful that NCCS will benefit from the diversity this program will offer,” said Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson in a letter to Head of School Aaron Cooper.
    The gift will create the Chien and Taina Chao Scholarship Fund, named in honor of Mrs. Jefferson’s parents who came to the U.S. to pursue their advanced education, both earning PhDs in chemistry and building successful careers in science. The gift is being made through The Catherine Jefferson Foundation, which Brett and Cathy founded, and, in part, by Hildene Capital Management.
  • Mancini Family Establishes Faculty Diversity Fund

    In 2020, Country School grandparent and parent of alumni Bob Mancini reached out to NCCS to express his family’s interest in supporting the school’s commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). 

    The family has a deep legacy of support here at Country School. They established a separate endowed fund to support the school’s sports program several years ago. In conversations with Head of School Aaron Cooper, Bob shared the family’s intent to shift the scope and focus of the fund - and add additional funds - to directly support Country School’s dedication to being a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, with the goal of becoming a leader among independent schools.
  • NCCS Community Beautifies Campus

    Thanks to the NCCS families who joined in last Saturday's community planting event! It was a perfect morning to dig in the dirt and fill the numerous planters that adorn our beautiful campus.  
  • Solar Panels Installed on New Athletics & Wellness Center

    At the end of March, 692 solar panels were installed on the roof of the new Athletics and Wellness Center to complete the construction of a 280km solar system. This effort furthers Country School’s commitment to environmental sustainability and will increase the school’s solar energy use from about 10% to about 50%, while saving the school nearly $27k in utility costs each year. The school has already been using solar power generated by a solar array atop the Stevens Upper School Building.
  • NCCS Volunteers Clean Up Cove Island in Stamford

    Parents' Association
    Country School volunteers picked up 30 pounds of trash and 47 bottle caps, which will be counted toward the Sound Waters "One Million Bottle Cap" Challenge.”  We were so pleased to see students from ALL NCCS divisions! Special thanks to Jen Corcoran and Ryan Pauta for representing the Upper School. Together we made the LI Sound a little cleaner for those who depend on it - us included!
  • Middle School Focuses on Personal Water Footprint and Refillable Water Bottles in Nod to Earth Day

    "If not now, then when? If not us, then who?" implored sixth grader Madelyn Kinsley of her peers and teachers as she delivered a persuasive speech on the topic of “The Problems with Recycling” to members of the Middle School community. “We cannot push the problem of single-use plastic into the future. It has to be dealt with now.”
  • New Canaan Country School Holds Kyle A. Markes Day of Service

    New Canaan Country School families came together, in-person and online, to serve the wide-ranging needs of 14 local non-profit organizations on Saturday, April 17. View photos
  • Advancing Our Climate of Belonging

    A group of 15 NCCS administrators, trustees, parents, faculty, students and alumni participated as a “pod” in the inaugural Pollyanna Conference in Connecticut on April 10. The conference, which was entitled, “Climate of Belonging: Challenging Our Past to Reimagine Our Future,” was hosted virtually by Westover School with the intent to “allow us to think about and examine the current structures, biases, and privileges in place at our schools as well as how we might adapt our schools and policies to be more inclusive.”
  • What Makes a Balloon Car Work? Eighth grade science students learn physics, engineering, resilience and problem-solving

    Country School eighth grade students engineered, built and tested small, self-propelled vehicles as part of a yearlong exploration of the basic concepts of chemistry and physics.
  • Fourth Graders Highlight Social Activists in Multi-genre Research Project

    Fourth graders prepared and shared multi-genre research projects on people who have made an impact on the world.

    “Jackie Robinson was an amazing baseball player and became the first African American to play in the Major League,” explained fourth grade student Topher Kern of New Canaan, at a publishing party for the grade’s multi-genre research projects held in the Lower School, March 30.
  • Parents' Association Gifts Meals to Faculty & Staff

    As a token of appreciation, the Parents' Association delivered meals to all of the faculty and staff on Thursday, April 9. Meals were prepared by Simply Delicious and included the choice of chicken piccata, salmon, short rib lasagna and vegan risotto. 

    "The PA is so grateful to the faculty and staff of NCCS for the extraordinary efforts they've put forth in the past year to keep our school community healthy and strong!" said PA President Liz Keogh. "The flexibility and resilience shown by them will resonate throughout our community for years to come. Giving them all a healthy dinner was the least we could do to show our deep appreciation!"
  • Early Childhood Egg Study: A Hands-On Exploration

    Students in Beginners and Kindergarten practiced their scientific observation skills this week, using chicken eggs for a hands-on exploration. What does the thick albumin feel like? What happens if you mix it with a stick? What does the inner shell membrane feel like? What does it smell like? How does the chalaza feel different from the yolk? Driven by their natural curiosity, the students discovered the answers to these, and many other questions.

    The initial experience for Beginners 3/4 is the foundation on which additional layers are added in Beginners 4/5 and Kindergarten. All of the students learn about eggs each spring in preparation for the incubation of chicken eggs and the welcoming of fluffy baby chicks.
  • Lower School March Math-ness: Let the Games Begin!

    The arrival of March meant only one thing for New Canaan Country School’s Lower School (Grades 1-4) families: March Math-ness! Designed to engage family and friends of all ages in a celebration of math fundamentals, the daily activities were held at-home with video tutorials and a packet containing necessary materials provided in advance.
  • NCCS Furthers Green Initiatives with Solar Installation

    New Canaan Country School is furthering its commitment to environmental sustainability with a new partnership that will increase the school’s solar energy use from about 10% to about 50%, while saving the school nearly $27k in utility costs each year. The school has already been using solar power generated by a solar array atop the Stevens Upper School Building. 
  • Pandemic Self-portraits: Fourth Graders Document a Moment in Time

    Nearly one full year into the pandemic, the fourth grade watercolor study has transcended the boundaries of regular art instruction and taken on a documentary quality, with each student painting a self-portrait wearing a protective mask.
  • Parents Treated to a Mixed Media Collage Art Class

    On Wednesday night, NCCS parents enjoyed a virtual, hands-on exploration of Mixed Media Collage guided by Visual Arts Teacher Mark Macrides and sponsored by the PA. Participants received a bag of materials and many added some of their own meaningful additions to create a custom piece of artwork. The experience was interactive, inspiring and relaxing for many who enjoyed learning a new skill and creating something outside of their familiar comfort zones. Many thanks to Mark for sharing his visual arts expertise and love of Collage with our parents!
  • A.J. Mleczko ’90 to Receive New Canaan Country School’s 2021 Alumni Award

    New Canaan Country School is pleased to announce that Olympic gold-medal winning athlete and NBC Sports ice hockey analyst A.J. Mleczko ’90 will be presented with the 2021 Alumni Award. A.J. will accept the honor and share highlights of her career with students, alumni and guests sometime in 2021.
  • Tapping into Tradition: A Sweet Celebration of the Season

    “It’s really surprising how much sap is in these buckets. I totally didn’t expect this.”

    Fourth grade student Henry Macon of Norwalk is peering underneath the silver lid of an aluminum bucket. He and his classmates are partaking in the long-standing New Canaan Country School tradition of collecting sap from the tapped maple trees which line the school’s front driveway and dot the landscape of its 75-acre campus. (view video)
  • NCCS Students Create Blankets of Hope

    For the second year, NCCS Middle and Upper School students supported Blankets of Hope, a non-profit organization that promotes kindness by donating blankets to the homeless with handmade cards. In total, $700 was collected by families and 72 blankets with student-made cards were delivered to Inspirica, a Stamford-based organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness. 
  • Worm Wrangling and Snail Observing: First Graders Learn How to be Scientists

    “I am trying to find the mouth and am also studying the design of the shell,” explains first grade science student Dylan Shah of Stamford, carefully examining the grove snail in front of him. “I also want to find the respiratory pore.”
    “The snail has different colors on its shell. It is so slimy!” exclaims classmate Lily Burnes of Darien, holding her specimen in hands dampened with water, making it easier for the snail to move across her outstretched palms.
  • Sixth Graders Present Persuasive Speeches

    Students in Mr. Randolph’s sixth grade class delivered their speeches Thursday, Jan 28. The speeches, an annual rite of passage at Country School, are part of an emphasis on developing the skills to be confident and competent public speakers and advocates.
  • DEI Task Force Reads Anti-Racism Book

    DEI Task Force
    Dear NCCS Parents & Guardians,

    Thank you to the 30+ participants in our most recent DEI Community Meeting, where we discussed a follow-up to the virtual visit from Daryl Davis, musician and race relations expert, and the first half of Ibram X. Kendi’s “How To Be An Antiracist”. Here are some notes from the conversation, and some resources to explore:
  • The Favorite Childhood Books of NCCS Faculty and Staff 

    NCCS Librarians Mary Ann Lansdale and Robin Lundquist
    There are many ways of connecting to each other, and your Country School librarians asked our school community to tell us their favorite books when they were our students' ages. The Favorite Childhood Books of NCCS Faculty and Staff Libguide offers books from Early Childhood to Upper School that brought back fond memories to our school community.  It also includes a section on children's author's favorite books and banned books that every child should read. We hope this brings you as much joy as it did for us. Happy reading and talking about your favorite childhood book.
  • Second Grade Galop!

    Ellen Baer, Music Teacher
    In music class, second grade has been learning about form in music. Form refers to the different sections within a piece of music. Using the piece Galop from "The Comedians" by Dmitry Kabalevsky, the students demonstrated the different sections in the piece, as well as the melodic and rhythmic movement, with a ribbon routine. We hope you enjoy it! View video.
  • Daryl Davis, Race Relations Expert, Emphasizes Dialogue

    In commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, New Canaan Country School hosted Daryl Davis, a race relations expert and a celebrated American R&B musician, on Jan. 19 and 21.
  • Lower School Remembers Dr. King's Life and Legacy

    Country School’s Lower School (Grades 1-4) celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with curricular activities, reflections and gatherings culminating in an assembly, Jan.15, held using online platforms.
  • NCCS Graduate, Filmmaker Matthew Heineman ’98 Releases Tiger Woods Biopic on HBO

    Academy Award nominee, Emmy-winning filmmaker and New Canaan Country School graduate, Matthew Heineman ’98 (Cartel Land, A Private War) and co-director, Emmy nominee Matthew Hamachek (Amanda Knox) have released Tiger, a revealing look at the rise, fall, and epic comeback of global icon Tiger Woods, now streaming on HBO.
  • We #GoBrightly at NCCS!

    “Magical” is how visitors described Wednesday evening on campus with 1,000 luminaries aglow in honor of faculty and staff who everyday illuminate the lives of our students.
  • Eighth Graders Experiment with Digital Photography

    Aron Back
    This year in the Upper School we had the exciting opportunity to design a new 8th grade art course. We designed the course to meet the changing world of digital arts with a focus on balancing traditional art techniques with digital to design and create numerous pieces of art.  For their first project, students had the opportunity to explore the combination of digital photography while adding an inorganic object to a natural environment.  Students focused on design elements, composition, color manipulation and photo cropping to make a four photo collage. View a video to see a representation of the 8th graders work.
  • Ninth Grader Leaders Attend Virtual Diversity Conference

    Six Country School ninth graders attended the national Student Diversity Leadership (SDLC) conference held Nov. 30-Dec. 4, which allowed them to connect with students from across the country virtually.
  • PA Appreciates Faculty and Staff with Pies!

    The NCCS Parents' Association handed out fresh-baked pies to all faculty and staff today as a gesture of thanks for all they've done to make this school year so successful! Special thanks to our generous NCCS parents for underwriting the cost of the pies and to the students who created heartfelt messages of thanks that decorated the pie boxes! All excess funds collected will be used to fund future Faculty and Staff Appreciation events during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Second Graders Exercise Their Imaginations During Day of Roxaboxen

    Inspired by their reading of Roxaboxen, an award-winning children’s book written by Alice McLerran and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, Country School second graders headed to the woods to exercise their imagination, Nov. 3. View video.
  • Game on! New Athletics & Wellness Center Opens

    At the start of the school year, we opened the doors to our spectacular Athletics & Wellness Center, and the building has already had a tremendous impact on our students, teachers and coaches. 
  • Miami HEAT Business Operations President Eric Woolworth ’80  Reflects on the Importance of Social Responsibility 

    New Canaan Country School’s 2020 Alumni Award winner Eric Woolworth ’80 spoke to Middle and Upper School students (Grades 5 - 9) about his path to the executive office of the Miami HEAT Group and discussed the importance of creating diverse, equitable and inclusive environments, professional organizations and communities during a virtual event on Oct. 30. (View the recording.)
  • Festival of Books - A Celebration of Reading

    A week-long celebration of literacy, Country School’s Festival of Books provided many opportunities to build community, expand libraries and instill a love of reading in students. Perennially one of Parents' Association's biggest fundraisers, the festival once again brought together storytellers and book lovers of all ages.

    A book talk launched the event on Monday, Oct. 26 via Zoom. Head of School Aaron Cooper discussed Range, a book by best-selling author David Epstein, about why generalists triumph in a specialized world. Mr. Cooper shared his reflections and noted points of connection to Country School’s values and mission.
  • NCCS Supports Person-To-Person through Food Drive

    The NCCS community collected 1,175 pounds of canned and dry food last Sat., Oct. 24 at Person-to-Person, a local social services organization.  The Parents’ Association thanks the entire community for their show of support for Person-to-Person and its mission to feed local families!  Special thanks to the 22 Middle and Upper School students and parents, who advertised the food drive, unloaded trunks, checked expiration dates and sorted food.
  • Parents' Association Plants Bulbs on Campus

    by the Parents' Association
    Thank you to the twenty Early Childhood and Lower School families who got their hands (and knees) dirty planting 500 bulbs around campus.  We cannot wait to see the results of your hard work bloom in the spring!
  • Upper School Student Reflects on Hispanic Heritage

    Although Hispanic Heritage Month is officially behind us, we had one more reflection to share, this time from a student on his Hispanic identity and its importance to him and his family. We will continue to periodically publish pieces that invite you all to “see” our community fully. Please enjoy this piece from Daniel Marin in 8th grade. - Kojo Clarke, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Eric Woolworth ’80 to Receive New Canaan Country School’s 2020 Alumni Award

    New Canaan Country School is pleased to announce that Eric Woolworth ’80 will be presented with the 2020 Alumni Award. Eric is scheduled to accept the honor and share with students, alumni and guests highlights of his career in professional basketball and as a leader in diversity and inclusion initiatives Friday, Oct. 30, live via an online platform.
  • Eighth Grade Teacher Will McDonough Named Top 100 Educational Visionary

    New Canaan Country School eighth grade history and English teacher Will McDonough has been named a recipient of this year’s Top 100 Visionaries in Education by the Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL).

    After nominations, interviews, and extensive research, the GFEL awards committee rated each finalist on the following parameters to reach the final list of awardees:  overall reach; industry impact; spirit of innovation; future readiness; and market demand.
  • Parents' Association Cleans Up NCCS Trails

    Parents' Association
    On Saturday, October 3, families from all divisions grabbed their work gloves and rakes and
    took to the NCCS Woods for trail clean-up. It was the perfect day to be outside enjoying the
    foliage! Thank you to all who participated with the clean-up.
  • What Does Hispanic Heritage Mean to Me?

    Isadora Machado, a staff member, reflects on the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month. Isadora Machado is a very familiar face to Country School, having worked at Country School from 2003-2010 in many roles including Kindergarten Apprentice and Art Teacher, and Lower and Middle School Spanish Teacher. She also continues to be an integral member of the Horizons teaching team since 2003. This year, Isadora joins us as a Plus Program Assistant primarily working with Beginners 4/5.
  • Tom Giggi

    Country School Recognizes Service Anniversaries

    The following remarks by Head of School Aaron Cooper were delivered the night of the Annual Meeting & Dinner on Oct. 1:

    Country School values people – our students and their childhood and our educators and the ways that they inspire our children.  And it values education – learning and growing and enlightenment. I firmly believe that anyone who chooses to work in a school, whether in a classroom with students all day or in an office somewhere, is an educator.  After all, everything our students feel and experience impacts their future.  And to recognize our educators furthers those core principles, so please join me in congratulating those entering their 10th year at Country School:
  • Country School Founding Co-Principals Commemorated with Portrait

    New Canaan Country School’s first Co-Principals, Edith Dudley and Effie Dunton, and the mission upon which they founded the school in 1916, were honored by the school’s community at its virtual Annual Meeting held Thursday, Oct. 1. View video.
  • New Canaan Educator Tom Giggi Honored for 40-Years of Service

    Longtime educator Tom Giggi was honored for his exemplary 40-year service at New Canaan Country School’s 2020 Annual Meeting held via online platform, Oct.1.

    Mr. Giggi has been an English and History Teacher in the Upper School since 1981. During his time at NCCS, he has also chaired each of the History and English Departments for many years, and has served as an advisor, faculty representative to the Board of Trustees, coach of baseball, soccer, football and basketball, member of the faculty chorus and he was even acting Head of the Upper School from 2000-2001.
  • Sarah Irwin Named New NCCS Board Chair

    Newly appointed Board President Sarah Irwin presided over the New Canaan Country School Annual Meeting, Oct. 1. At the virtual gathering, about the resilience of the school community at this time.
  • New Canaan Country School Community Gathers Virtually for Annual 5K Race

    Nearly 300 members of the New Canaan Country School community participated in the annual Cougar Run 5k race, held virtually this year, Sept. 27 and 28. The friend-raising event was sponsored by the school’s Parents’ Association and involved students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents.
  • "Pause Together: A Handbook for Humans," A Book by Eighth Grade Teacher Will McDonough

    "What is a book capable of?" 
    This was the question New Canaan Country School educator Will McDonough posed, colloquially, to his eighth grade students one morning last fall during a grade-wide trip to the Adirondacks.
  • Three Country School Grads Named "Teens to Watch"

    Congratulations to Sydney Coffield ’18, Arjun Dayal ’18 and Olivia Sheridan ’17 for being named "Teens to Watch" by Stamford Magazine, Greenwich Magazine and New Canaan, Darien & Rowayton Magazine, respectively.
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