Create an inspiring present and an inspired future will follow.

Young children are naturally inspired by the world around them – curious, creative and imaginative. The carefully planned Arts program at Country School is specifically tailored to each grade level, building each year to reward creativity while also guiding students to become increasingly intentional in their practice of artistic techniques and understanding of the history, multiculturalism, and connections to the natural world.

The arts program supports children's need to express themselves and their imaginations.

Supporting the school’s mission to educate the whole child, the arts integrate naturally with the classroom experience. The program is infused with opportunities for students to engage in the arts within a context that promotes multiculturalism and a strong connection to the natural world.
Beginning in our earliest grades, the creative arts curriculum offers diverse programming that encourages self-discovery and appeals to a wide range of learning styles. As students develop a strong foundation of basic skills, they are given more choices in their projects and course work. By the time they reach the upper grades, students choose from an expansive selection of creative arts courses, deliberately designed for specialization and mastery.
In state-of-the-art studios, students work independently and collaboratively on group projects. Talented faculty, many of whom are practicing artists, challenge students daily to discover their creative potential.
Throughout the creative arts program at Country School, students actively participate in a rich and varied curriculum that is not only developmentally appropriate in design but also deeply engaging and inspiring.