Children are naturally musical: they are singers, players, dancers, listeners and creators.  In the Early Childhood Music Program, children are introduced to the elements of music by singing, dancing and improvisational movement.  Through music, students discover the tones and rhythms of our world, develop relationships with one another, and build community.
First- and second-graders build on their Early Childhood experiences with movement, song and instrument play and begin to lay the groundwork for music literacy and aural skills. Third and fourth grades receive more specialized instruction in vocal and instrumental music.  Both grades play recorders and Orff instruments, and sing weekly in a grade-wide school chorus.  Performance opportunities for all grades range from informal assemblies to seasonal concerts and productions.
All Middle School students sing, play the recorder and study selected aspects of music in general music classes. Additionally, students participate in chorus, which practices by grade every week. Instrumental students may choose to be in the band.  All Middle School students perform both in school and within the larger community.
Seventh graders build upon the music skills begun in the lower grades as part of the whole-grade creative arts foundations course. Eighth and ninth graders employ their musical foundations in a trimester-based arts electives program, which may include courses such as Guitar, Music Technology, Songwriting, Rock Band and Drum Ensemble.  Upper School students may also play in the orchestra and jazz band, which meet weekly.