Secondary School Counseling

Life Beyond Country School

For more than 100 years, Country School has provided an intentional journey that balances strong academic preparation with social emotional development for children age 3 through grade 9. The result is alumni who are confident leaders and bold thinkers, who are prepared to contribute to their next school and beyond.

Secondary School Destinations for the Classes of 2015-2019

Over the past five years (2015–2019), Country School students have matriculated to the following:

Boarding Schools
Independent Day Schools
Pulbic Schools
Westminster School (17)
Berkshire School (16)
Choate Rosemary Hall (14)
The Taft School (14)
Phillips Academy Andover (10)
St. Paul’s School (10)
Millbrook School (9)
Deerfield Academy (8)
The Loomis Chaffee School (6)
Phillips Exeter Academy (6)
St. George’s School (4)
St. Luke’s School (36)
Greenwich Academy (20)
King School (20)
Greens Farms Academy (18)
Rye Country Day School (10)
Brunswick School (8)
Hopkins School (6)
Fairfield College Preparatory School (5)
New Canaan High School (35) Darien High School (19)
Brien McMahon High School (12) Westhill High School (4)
Wilton High School (4)

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"We know that the students who come to us from NCCS will be superbly prepared academically, active learners in the classroom, and eager and able to serve our mission of serving as ‘partners’ in our community."Ann R. Miller, Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid, Greens Farms Academy 

“NCCS students who enroll at Choate come well prepared in all realms – academically, athletically and artistically – and are thus wonderfully engaged community members. At the heart of it all is a true love of learning and curiosity that makes them exceptionally proactive and engaged both inside and outside of the classroom.”—Jeffrey Beaton, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Choate Rosemary Hall 

Classes of 2012-2016 College Matriculation

University of Virginia (12)
Cornell University (11)
Middlebury College (11)
University of Pennsylvania (11)
Trinity College (10)
Colgate University (9)
Georgetown University (9)
Tufts University (9)
Colby College (8)
Dartmouth College (7)
Harvard University (7)
New York University (7)
Boston College (6)
Colorado College (6)
Santa Clara University (6)
University of Michigan (6)
Williams College (6)
Boston University (5)
Columbia University (5)
Duke University (5)
Elon University (5)
Hamilton College (5)
Northeastern University (5)
Tulane University (5)
University of Denver (5)
University of Michigan (5)
American University (4)
Bowdoin College (4)
Brown University (4)
Bucknell University (4)
Lehigh University (4)
Princeton University (4)
St. Lawrence University (4)
Southern Methodist University (4)
Wake Forest University (4)
Yale University (4)