Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Country School Goes Bollywood

Country School’s Bollywood dance extravaganza paired music and dance to take children and adults on an exciting cultural journey. (View photos & video)
The Parents of Students of Color, a Parents’ Association affinity group, and the Office of Community Development co-hosted a Bollywood master dance class on the evening of Fri., Oct.  23.  Bollywood dance instructors, Pooja Dhargalkar and Naina Gulati, led the group in mastering several dance numbers. Country School students, Sushmita Narayan '16 and Himani Narayan '19 gave a brief presentation about the origin and significance of the Hindu festival, Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights. Ishaan Bhaskar presented the significance of light over darkness by showcasing different masks.
“Events like this allow our families to celebrate their vibrant cultures with the larger school community,” said Director of Community Development Lynn Sullivan. “The children, especially, feel proud and appreciated.”
The festivities began in the cafeteria with a delicious Indian buffet consisting of authentic dishes including vegetable samosas, naan, and paneer tikka. The cafeteria was transformed to fit the mood of Bollywood and Diwali with colorful decorations— traditional Indian cloth, lights and other adornments. The dance lessons used clips from popular Bollywood dance films so that participants could ease into performance mode.  The entire ensemble then took to the auditorium stage to present a masterful finale. 
“A truly fun, cultural and informative time was enjoyed by all!” said Uchenna Pratt, who co-chairs the POSC along with fellow parent, Jawanda Staber. "Thank you to all parents, students and faculty who helped to create this memorable event.”