Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Country School Enjoys An Evening of African Drumming and Dance

“Alafia!” The joyous and vibrant musical evening last Friday night led by Infinite Roots founder Kwame Jones began with a simple African greeting of peace and blessings.  More than 100 NCCS community members sang, danced and drummed after a veritable feast of African foods prepared by Country School families. 
The whole “village,” comprised of everyone from small toddlers to grandparents, participated in the musical fun and the Country School dance troupe learned a dance routine. Participants learned the names of a variety of instruments - djembes, kutirindings, kenkenis, ju jus, shakeres, snagbans, and bourgarabous. They also learned never to “beat” a drum but to respectfully and energetically play it.  
It was an exhilarating evening for all! Thank you to the PA Parents of Students of Color Committee and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for this memorable event.