Kindergarten Travels the Globe and Celebrates Cuba

Kindergarteners celebrated Cuba this week through music and dance. They sang “Guantanamera,” the country’s most popular song and danced the Salsa, a dance that originates in Cuba, as part of their celebration of the Caribbean country. Even parents joined in on the fun (view a video).
They also sampled a guava and cheese dish, and mango and coconut juices . Over the course of the year, Diane Scanlon, Kindergarten music teacher, hangs flags of different countries around her classroom and the students travel the globe through music, dance and stories.  “I want the children to learn that we are all different, but all the same, too,” said Ms. Scanlon. “Many of them have parents and grandparents from different parts of the world. I want to honor that.” They have already experienced Colombia and Ghana. Next stop: Norway.