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Q & A with Alumni Council President Tucker Golden

Tucker Golden ’90 has been named Alumni Council President, taking the reins from Steve Bloom ’03. Tucker is managing partner at value-oriented investment firm Solas Capital in Darien, CT, which he founded in 2004. He and his wife, Gwen, are the proud parents of two Country School students, Oliver (rising sixth grader) and James (rising second grader).
Q: What do you remember most about your time as a student at NCCS?
A: I remember more than I probably should!  I recall the anxious feeling of being a new second grader after moving back to New Canaan from Washington, DC, and the immediate warm welcome from my young classmates and teachers alike during that first day of school.  I remember every teacher and coach I had along the way, of course some more fondly than others, but with a growing appreciation over time for their enormous dedication to their young students. I also remember the intangibles: the wonderful kitchen staff, whether ladling out their delicious baked ziti or helpfully guiding us through our assigned chores (we used to “help” wash the dishes!); the friendly maintenance crew, keeping the campus in great shape and keeping the kids safe around the buses; collecting sap from the maple trees for syrup production; crossing Frogtown Road with anticipation to skate with my class, or later play hockey; road trips to Upland or Gettysburg or Nantucket; ultimately graduating extremely well prepared for the rigors of Groton. It was a rich, full and formative eight years. 
Q: What is it like to return as a parent?
A: To return as a parent has been encouraging.  Most importantly, I am heartened that faculty and staff still bring the same pure and absolute dedication and care to our children as learners and people.  Facilities have been improved and that will continue, but the character of the campus really hasn’t changed.  New challenges, for instance balancing the opportunities and threats of children using technology, are being confronted thoughtfully. 
Q: In what ways have you been engaged as an alumnus?
A: My class scattered near, far and wide, at least partially a testament to NCCS’ instilling a lifelong curiosity in its students.  The school engages its alums through opportunities to connect at area gatherings and to return to campus for reunions and the timeless tradition of the Frogtown Fair, which is magic for our younger students, an opportunity for leadership and execution for our older students, nostalgic for alums and retired faculty and staff… and just plain wet for many of our generous, existing faculty!
Q: You have been a member of the Alumni Council since 2014. What opportunities do you see ahead for the Alumni Council?
A: I have observed Steve Bloom and Stephanie Ziegler skillfully lead a proactive and dedicated group of alums on the Alumni Council over the past four years, and as a result we currently find ourselves well-positioned to continue to pursue our mission to further engage and connect our alumni body of 3,000 strong and reinforce the strong NCCS community that begins on campus and continues after our students move on to their next adventures.  I am particularly hopeful that we can grow the NCCS Network and would encourage all community members to sign up immediately!  We can envision its value whether for an upper schooler considering next steps and reaching out to our most recent alums for advice or a friendly face during a campus visit; for our high schoolers searching for on-the-ground college advice; for our college students seeking internships or first jobs; and for our older alums seeking out friendly advice in advance of a career transfer, or family relocation to a new community.  Country School alums feel a strong bond to their first alma mater and one another, and the alumni body can be a wonderful ongoing resource and benefit of an NCCS education.


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