Students Create Basquiat-Inspired Food Murals for Dining Hall

Four large murals painted by the 8th and 9th grade Painting Elective and grades 1, 2, and 3 were recently hung in the Dining Hall. They depict a variety of food – fruit, vegetables and grains in vibrant colors.
Art teacher Liz Ferran led the project and describes the process:
We began by looking at large murals by Jean-Michel Basquiat. His complex work is multi-layered and includes many visual references. Work began with 8th and 9th grade Painting Elective students learning how to mix gray using primary colors and white. They, along with younger students created a blue/gray underpainting with old cookbook pages collaged on top. Next, students in grades 1-3 were read the book, Good Enough to Eat, a colorful kid's guide to nutrition. Many discussions ensued regarding trying new foods and working towards developing a healthy and colorful food palette. Students of all ages then painted large and small images of a variety of healthy foods. Over the course of two weeks, each class responded to what others' had already included and added their own choices to complete the collaborative work.