Former Apprentice Video Chats with Lower School from Greenland

Earlier this fall former apprentice and assistant science teacher Hannah James teleconferenced with the entire Lower School from her current base at Summit Station (atop a 2-mile deep ice sheet!). The Lower School community gathered in the new Susan Haigh Carver ’51 Dining Hall and Commons to hear about her work as a research scientist and life in the Arctic.
Ms. James is the first featured scientist of the year in the Lower School science “This Could Be You” series. Ever since she started teaching at Country School 12 years ago, Lower School science teacher Chantal Detlefs has had a corner of her classroom dedicated to this message with a rotating display of scientists from all over the world.

“I want kids to know that if they have an interest, they can be a scientist and it doesn’t have to be somebody who wears goggles and a lab coat and works behind a microscope,” said Detlefs. She has featured a high school student who was a musician studying the science of music, an artist who promotes environmentalism through her art, and many others who defy the typical stereotypes.

Recently, a third grade class reflected on their call with Ms. James.

“I thought it was interesting that she goes around the world to the cold places because a lot of people have already gone to the hot areas,” said one student. “If you go where it’s really cold, there is more left to discover and learn about.”

The students all said they enjoyed learning about real life scientists and were looking forward to their next video chat with Ms. James this spring when she arrives in Antarctica.