5th Grade Science Students Interview Weather Channel’s Carl Parker

Fifth grade science students interviewed Atlanta-based meteorologist Carl Parker via teleconference Wednesday. The interview, led by Middle School Science Teacher Lindsay Frey, was part of a larger study on the forces that drive weather patterns.
The study provides the opportunity for students to develop basic scientific methods of research and inquiry, such as the skills of observation, inference, data collection, analysis, graphing and interviewing to seek answers to specific questions. Plus, it’s just plain fun to talk with someone as passionate about storms and weather as Parker.
Here is a sampling of the 30 questions the Weather Channel Network's hurricane specialist fielded:
"What types of special classes did you have to take to be a meteorologist?"
"Did someone inspire you and if so, who?"
"Who chooses the names for the hurricanes?"
"Is climate change making hurricanes worse?"
"What advice would you offer a student who wanted to become more involved in meteorology and science?"
“How has math helped you with your career?”
“It’s been very rewarding,” says Parker about his career as a meteorologist. “Now and again I’ll hear from people who say they heard me talk about the business end of a severe storm taking aim on a specific location, and that they then took cover and made it through.”