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Sixth Graders Present Persuasive Speeches

Students in Mr. Randolph’s sixth grade class delivered their speeches Friday, Jan 24. The speeches, an annual rite of passage at Country School, are part of an emphasis on developing the skills to be confident and competent public speakers and advocates.
Students choose a topic of personal significance and write a two-minute speech focusing on three specific areas of persuasion. They are required to collect and analyze evidence to develop their points and complete several drafts of their speech, ensuring that they follow a thesis statement to its natural conclusion. When the writing process is completed, students shift attention to the presentation process, learning how movement, body language, gesticulation and tone contribute to a successful public address. At the culminating event, students present their speeches in an auditorium, in front of a large audience of students, faculty, parents, siblings and grandparents.
Mr. Randolph’s students now look forward to lending moral support to their peers in Mr. Henry’s, Mrs. Gardiner’s and Ms. Kelly’s classes who will present in the upcoming weeks and months.
Members of Mr. Randolph’s class and the topics of their speeches included:
Brett - High school and middle school days should start later
Andrew - Support the democracy movement in Hong Kong
Freya - Women’s pants need pockets
Liam - NCAA athletes should be paid
Sam - Support hearing-impaired people
Simeran - Women athletes deserve the same pay as men
Caitlyn - The need for clean drinking water around the world
Larson - NHL players should be allowed to play in the Olympics
William - The dangers of plastic in our seas
Jack - The lifetime value of sports
Charlotte - How wearing camouflage shows disrespect to our veterans
Finn - Why people should buy fully electric cars
Hilary - The scourge of Friedreich’s Ataxia
Graham - The dangers of vaping
Juliet - High school and middle school days should start later
Consuelo - The US should take in more Syrian refugees