Country School Third Graders Present Biography Unit in Character

William Shakespeare, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Leif Erickson and Amelia Earhart were among the famous people brought back to life by Country School third graders for a “wax museum” research and writing project, part of a biography unit that culminated June 4.

Each student chose a famous figure, researched him/her and then wrote a speech summarizing the figure’s life and accomplishments.
Students learned to determine importance and relevance, organized their findings and wrote cohesive and succinct speeches. They worked to memorize their speech, dressed up as the figure and filmed a short video – completely in character. 

They had a lot of fun on this project. Their hard work was showcased in the final stage of the 10-week unit with creative outfits and personalized Zoom screens that were helpful in making their character portrayals realistic,” said Grade 3 Teacher Michal Speck, who together with Grade 3 Teachers Valerie Schirmer and Kristen Giacalone, facilitated the grade-wide activity.