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Dillon Mims ‘18 Releases History Podcast, "Precedented Times"

Dillon Mims ‘18 has released the first of a 6-episode history podcast, Precedented Times. The weekly podcast aims to debunk the notion we are living through “unprecedented times."

“We may not be able to control that history will repeat itself, but we can know what to do when it happens.”

Part of his senior project at Phillips Exeter Academy, Mims chose six current issues or events to examine: the pandemic, the 2020 presidential campaign, racial and social upheaval, conspiracy theories, the influence of white supremacy and disputed election results.

“That became the essential drive of my podcast: To take an event from [2020] and relate it back to a similar event in American history,” he says.

You can listen to the podcast trailer and the first episode anywhere podcasts are available.