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New Canaan Country School Sixth Graders Present Persuasive Speeches

For the last few months, New Canaan Country School sixth graders have been working hard to research, write, and rehearse argumentative and informational speeches. Each student selected a topic about which they are passionate, including topics related to their families, communities and the world. They then memorized their speech and delivered it in front of a live audience in the school’s auditorium, May 17-24.
“Sixth grade speeches always feel like a capstone experience,” said Grade 6 Teacher Mauricia Gardiner. “The project is so interdisciplinary and such a culmination of work spanning their different classes.” 

“In addition to learning how to write to make a convincing argument, they also learned to write to maintain someone’s attention,” she continued. “This year, I was pleased to see so many novel topics. I was impressed with the range of passions this group covered.” 
2022 Speech Topics:
  • The Benefits of Student Exchange Programs
  • The Negative Impacts of Covid-19 on Animals
  • The Correlation Between Social Media and Anxiety for Kids and Teens
  • Animal Shelters Should Lower the Minimum Age Requirement for Volunteers
  • School Should Start Later
  • Schools Should Eliminate Homework
  • Female Athletes Deserve More Respect
  • The Importance of Understanding Autism
  • NCCS Should Eliminate Single Use Plastic
  • The T-Rex is Three Different Species
  • Athletes Who Have Used Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Allowed in the Hall of Fame
  • The Benefits of a Later School Start Time
  • The Future of Cars Should Be Electric
  • Female Athletes Deserve Equal Pay to Male Athletes
  • Stop Book Banning
  • NATO Will Be Critical to the Future of Ukraine
  • Stop Coral Bleaching
  • America’s Two-Party System Isn’t Working
  • Benefits of video games/The Specific Benefits of Minecraft 
  • Importance of sleep 
  • Adopt, not shop 
  • People need to use solar panels 
  • Stop killing wolves
  • People should own pets
  • Climate change and polar bears
  • The benefits of video games 
  • Importance of sports
  • Reintroducing the wolves
  • Later start time for middle school students 
  • Importance of learning about space 
  • Kids need less screen time 
  • Benefits to electronics 
  • The benefits of hybrid cars 
  • Dress codes favor boys
  • The benefits to dog ownership 
  • WNBA vs. NBA Pay Difference
  • Twin identity 
  • Why You Should Care About The Gender Pay Gap!
  • Renewable Energy…The Only Sustainable Path To The Future!
  • The Case for a Later School Start
  • The Importance of Language Preservation
  • Why We Need To End Pollution Once and For All!
  • Problem Gambling…A Truly Dangerous Addiction
  • Video Games…They Don’t Deserve their Bad Rep!
  • Climate Change…We Need To Act Now!
  • The Interconnection Between Screens, Sleep & Insomnia
  • How Dress Codes Impact Kids
  • Why Everyone Should Have A Dog
  • Girls’ Education Is A Human Right!
  • The Real Cost of Social Media
  • Girls Deserve To be Paid The Same in Sports
  • Are Sports Rivalries Good or Bad?
  • Video Games…The Pros Outweigh The Cons
  • The Importance of Mental Health
  • Schools…They Should Just Start Later!
  • Equal Rights Is A Necessity Not A Privilege
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